The Ivy York

A taxi driver’s guide to York’s celebrities: where the stars roam

York, a city steeped in history and charm, is not only renowned for its stunning architecture and medieval streets but also for its vibrant arts and culture scene. Over the years, this picturesque city has attracted its fair share of celebrities and notable figures, drawn by its unique ambience and rich heritage. In this guide, we’ll take you on a journey through York’s celebrity hotspots, revealing where the stars often roam, dine, and unwind. So hop in a cab and get ready to explore the glamorous side of York!

the shambles

The Shambles – A Haven for Film Buffs: One of York’s most iconic and picturesque streets, The Shambles, has become a magnet for film enthusiasts and celebrities alike. This medieval street, with its overhanging timber-framed buildings, served as an inspiration for Diagon Alley in the Harry Potter films. Many celebrities who have an affinity for the wizarding world have been spotted here, soaking in the magical atmosphere. So keep your eyes peeled for familiar faces as you wander through this enchanting alley.

Bettys Tea Room

Bettys Tea Room – A Taste of Elegance: Bettys, an institution in York, is a beloved tea room that has been delighting locals and visitors since 1919. This quintessentially British establishment is known for its exquisite afternoon tea and delectable pastries. It’s not uncommon to spot celebrities indulging in a spot of tea and scones at Bettys. From actors to musicians, many famous faces have been known to savour the elegant atmosphere and delicious treats offered at this renowned tea room.

York Theatre Royal

York Theatre Royal – The Stage for Star-Studded Performances: If you’re a fan of the performing arts, a visit to York Theatre Royal is a must. This historic theatre, dating back to 1744, has played host to numerous acclaimed actors and actresses throughout its rich history. From beloved thespians to rising stars, the stage at York Theatre Royal has witnessed many awe-inspiring performances. Keep an eye on the theater’s schedule and you might be lucky enough to catch a show featuring a renowned celebrity.

The Ivy York

The Ivy St. Helen’s Square – Fine Dining with the Elite: For an evening of fine dining and celebrity sightings, head to The Ivy St. Helen’s Square. This upscale restaurant boasts a sophisticated ambience and a menu brimming with culinary delights. Known for attracting A-list celebrities, The Ivy provides an exquisite dining experience amidst its elegant interior. So, dress to impress and enjoy a meal fit for a star while keeping an eye out for the famous faces that often grace this renowned establishment.

York Races

York Races – A Day at the Turf with Celebrities: For a taste of high society and a chance to mingle with celebrities, York Races is the place to be. This world-class racecourse hosts thrilling horseracing events that draw in crowds from all walks of life, including the rich and famous. From royalty to movie stars, you never know who you might spot in the grandstands. So, don your finest attire, place your bets, and enjoy a day of glamour, excitement, and the occasional celebrity encounter.

York, with its historical charm and cultural allure, has become a favoured destination for celebrities seeking respite from the hustle and bustle of their glamorous lives. From strolling through The Shambles to indulging in afternoon tea at Bettys, this city offers numerous opportunities for spotting familiar faces. So, next time you find yourself in York, keep this guide handy and explore the city like a celebrity, immersing yourself in its unique blend of history, culture, and star-studded allure. Who knows, you might just cross paths with